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LHT Performance K-Sight

AWD-Turbo 450whp

Hondata Booth SEMA 2015

We had the idea for this concept several years before deciding to build it. The proirity was make it a real car.  That means AC, power steering, full working gauge cluster, ABS, and Honda OEM feeling mounts that don't shake your fillings loose.  With this build we tried to cover every possible issue.  The insight is all aluminum (except bumpers, fenders, etc.) which we thought may not be rigid enough to handle the weight and power of a K20a. We added extra bracing to the inner fender wells, built a complete aluminum sub frame that ties all underneath together to build more structure, added custom fully adjustable suspension, and upgraded the brakes to OEM RSX-S calipers and rotors.  There's a lot of work that goes into building a K-Sight the right way. Even the AWD Turbo keep these same points. It's a real car! Because of this, builds may take up to 90 days to complete. AWD 120 days

Here's some of the process and what to expect:

  • Complete lower aluminum sub from, 8 point

  • Added 1/4" aluminum inner fender stiffening

  • 6 point upper front tie bar

  • Real OEM mount (No vibration and teeth rattling)

  • Upgraded hubs

  • 11" brakes and larger calipers

  • Upgraded adjustable suspension

  • S2000 steering wheel and gauge cluster

  • Engine bay repainted (gloss) and holes slicked over

  • Black housing headlights and refinish

  • New wheels and tires

  • Low mileage K20 with new clutch

  • DSS custom axles

  • Breather can

  • Custom tuned 4 into 1 stainless header

  • 3" aluminum powder coated intake

  • Stainless steel complete exhaust system (Quiet)

  • All new fluids and oils

  • Full tuning for gas mileage, driveability, and power

  • Full A/C, power steering, and ABS (Everything works)

**Build Time - 3 Months**

Starting at


Optional extras:

                                                                                 AWD and independant suspension

  • Cruise Control

  • K-Sight Logo on the seats

  • Center arm rest with matching cloth

  • 15" Enkei RPF1 Wheels and Tires

  • Turbo

  • Supercharger

  • 2.4L Motor

  • Complete Exterior Painting

  • Custom Sound System

  • Custom Alarm wtih GPS

As part of the K-Sight package, we use an S2000 gauge cluster as it follows the same theme as the original digital look and feel, plus is a pretty good match for the new power plant. We also changed the steering wheel to an S2000 leather wrapped wheel as this gives a better look and feel and allows us to use the factory cruise control.

Another part of the package was to use Honda OEM wheels, refinished in our own custom color "gun metal" with new, stickier tires.  Another nice touch was to convert to black housing head lights as this gives a much sportier look.  We also offer a custom "K-Sight" logo in the seats (optional), as well as a custom arm rest with matching cover (optional).

You can see the lower subframe that ties everything together, This not only adds rigidity but cradles the drive train.

On the right you can see the twin loop muffler, This takes alot of the noise away while still keeping the straight through design.

Featured on the cover of Honda Tuning Magazine


As mentioned earlier, this was to be a real car. We built our own twin loop muffler with inline resonator, custom 4-2-1 stainless header, and custom intake. This setup made 217whp while maintaining a very subtle exhaust note. Using the Hondata K-Pro, and with some carefull tuning, we managed to run the engine at a 19:1 Air/Fuel ratio under light throttle/cruising by playing with cam angle and timing, which gave us 48 mpg. The aerodynamics and light weight plays a big part.

We offer this in a 200+whp and Turbo 300+whp version.  Again, these are designed to be real cars that can be driven everyday, and to be enjoyed for many miles.  With the power to weight ratio of this setup, it has to be one of the most enjoyable cars I have driven.

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