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• Supercharging by LHT •


One of the downfalls of the Jackson racing Supercharger is the high intake temps. The LHT Intercooler is designed to drop these intake temps drastically and acheive maximum power.



LHT Supercharger Intercooler

The LHT Intercooler is available for the B16A, B18C1, and B18C5 engines.  The B18B (Integra LS) and D16 (single cam) intercooler is also available but, please allow extra time, as these manifolds are not commonly stocked.  In testing the intercooler has dropped the intake temperature over 100 degrees and produced gains of 28WHP with ambient temperature water.  This intercooler is a water to air design and is incorporated into the manifold.  The supercharger is located in the exact same position as the original kit from Jackson Racing, so all the belts are unchanged and the S-tube is also in the same location.  The unique intercooler cores are very efficient with less than 1.5-psi drop and are efficient to 350 horsepower.  The psi drop is due to the cooler air.  There is no restriction thru the cores, the porting and reshaping has produced 5-7 WHP alone.

The modification is done to the stock JRSC Manifold.  The manifold is cut open to access the inside by a CNC machine, once this is done we fully port and taper the intake runners into the plenum removing any sharp edges and steps.  The three bosses, which protrude into the manifold, where the Allen bolts screw into, are removed for more flow and room for the intercooler cores.  Once all these steps have been completed the manifold is washed and is now ready to be welded.  The cores are welded into place and become part of the manifold; the roof of the manifold is replaced to allow more room for the intercooler cores and volume for airflow.  The end tanks have 3/8 pipefittings for liquid to pass through, this can be water/coolant or even Freon.  The S-tube is also heavily blended and ported to increase and maximize airflow.  The stock S-tube has a throttle body opening of 60mm, we open that up to 65mm.  This is done so that if an upgraded throttle body is used in the future, it can fully utilized for its flow capabilities also.

For a street application the liquid runs through the intercooler then through a heat exchanger (Radiator) via a pump to cool.  Basically the water is pumped thru the intercooler the routed thru the heat exchanger, where it is cooled and then back towards the intercooler, all via a pump we supply in the heat exchanger kit we sell.  For those who use their cars on a racetrack we also have a race version, which uses a much larger heat exchanger in the available kit.  The LHT Intercooler has been vigorously tested on several motor configurations and boost levels.  To extract maximum effectiveness and horsepower proper fuel management and tuning is highly recommended. 

The following photographs will show a before and after of the parts involved in the process.  Please look in the Build Process for more in depth descriptions of the work being done. 

Example. With the intercooler on a B20Vtec a gain of 28WHP and 26 ft was experienced. The temperature measured went from 245 Deg to 115 degs at the port of the cylinder head. The test was done at an ambient temperature of 85 deg F , the water temperature in the intercooler was at 90deg F. A total of 12% fuel was added to keep the A/F at 12.5.

Price for Polished is $995 (Exterior finish, modification is the same)

 Price for Satin finish is $895.

Please include your "S" tube with the manifold as this will be ported and re shaped along with the intercooler mod. This is the piece between the supercharger itself and the thottle body.
Please allow 10 working days for turn around. Modification is to customer's manifold. We can pre build the manifold and ship when we receive your core in good condition, this cuts down the wait time. Manifolds must be pre-paid.
The Heat exchanger kit is is $395 for the basic kit.
This kit is on many 280+ WHP cars
    This includes, One 12"x10"x1.5" heat exchanger (Small radiator)
one water pump, 20' of water line (No crimp high flow), hose clamps,
2 x 90 deg AN fittings etc.
The performance kit is $550 (Road racing etc.)
The performance kit includes a 24" x 5" x 3" thick heat exchanger, the rest of the parts remain the same


• LHT MAP Sensor Adapter •


The LHT Map sensor adapter for an external when the boost exceeds the factory map. It is CNC built for precise fitment on the thottle body in place of the factory sensor and picks up vacuum/boost in the same location. It gives the external map a baffled source so as not to create any voltage spikes under vacuum allowing better drivablity .
The Map sensor adapter is $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping.


• Hondata •


Hondata modifies standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the ECU (e.g. for forced induction). Hondata is the only system trusted to run in LHT built cars. LHT is an Authorized Dealer and tuner for Hondata. For pricing and tuning availability please call the shop.

  • Full 3D adjustment of fuel and spark while engine is running!
  • Forced induction timing and fueling
  • Fuel recurving for large injectors
  • VTEC control and adjustment
  • Nitrous control and timing retard
  • See LHT STORE for ordering

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